Music Through The Ages: 1980s!

Our journey continues as we stop to get off to have a boogie in the 1980s! You’d be hard pressed to not find some music from the 80s you like, with Rock, Metal, Pop, Dance and all the sub-genres you could shake a maraca at. but if those strong 80s synthesizers aren’t enough to tickle your fancy, don’t worry. We have something for everyone on this journey through all of the 80s classics we know and love!

Kicking off with nothing but fun, Baggy Trousers (Madness - 1980). A silly song to get rid of those, “I don’t want to get up on the dance floor” jitters…

Hey you… Yes you! What are you doing still sitting on that seat? Get yourself up on your feet and get those vocals soaring with a bit of Take on Me (A-Ha/Reel Big Fish - 1984).

We promised you synths and how better to show them off, than probably one of the most famous synth lines in the 80s music world than Jump (Van Halen - 1984).

Nobody can dance like him, but everyone will attempt to when this classic 80s tune comes on… one thing is for certain, everyone’s going to know the chorus to join in with for Billy Jean (Michael Jackson - 1983).

Need an opportunity to rock out on the dance floor practicing your air guitar? Look no further than 80s classic, Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns ‘N’ Roses - 1987).

A definite sing a long song (with a guarantee that nobody can actually hit those high notes!) A Little Respect (Erasure - 1988) starts playing.

A Town Called Malice (The Jam - 1982) is perfect for those who might not be 100% set on their dance moves as there really is no right or wrong when it comes to grooving to this one!

Time for the ladies to own the dance floor now… and why not when the clue is in the name?! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper - 1983). 

Dance offs, sing offs, close couples, it's all good because Ain't Nobody 'does it better' (Rufus & Chaka Khan Erasure - 1983) is here to suit every situation.

And last but not least on our 80s tour… we end on an all-time classic which will leave both young and old alike reaching out for those dramatic air grabs… Don't Stop Believin' (Journey - 1981) is the perfect 80s rock ballad to get the crowd going!

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