Music Through the Ages: 1970s!

Moving into the 70s, you can be sure to find music for a setlist that all ages will know and enjoy. You’re hard pressed to find people who won’t recognise songs by the likes of Queen, ABBA or Stevie Wonder!


All the genres, of this time, were experimenting with the electronic side of music, but each kept their core feel going allowing them to be remain unique in their own ways.

Disco may have ascended to the top during the 70s, but we’re going to bring out the favourites from the realms of Rock, Soul and Pop aswell, to really get your evening moving and grooving!

A great floor-filler to get the party started? There’s no better choice than Alright Now (Free – 1970). This classic 70s rock song is sure to get people in the party mood…

If you’re wondering how to really get everyone on the dance floor, look no further than Superstition (Stevie Wonder – 1972) who can resist grooving when that funky beat kicks in?!

Want to get the crowd singing too? Luckily Waterloo (ABBA – 1974) will get people doing both. Any ABBA song for that matter, is highly likely to do this!

As the night moves show everyone what you’ve got and rock out to a bit of Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen – 1975),

Did someone say ‘girl power’? One Way or Another (Blondie – 1978) is sure to get the ladies strutting their stuff on the dance floor.

Now is it that time in the evening where you need to get just a liiiiittle bit funky? Get on down to Play that Funky Music (Wild Cherry – 1976).

If there’s no sunshine, and it doesn’t seem like it’s the moonlights fault, you’ll just have to Blame it on the Boogie! (The Jacksons – 1978). Yep. This Jacksons classic is always a big crowd pleaser.

Now one for all generations, both young and old… because age really is just a number, especially when you’re in love! Enjoy a boogie to Young Hearts Run Free (Candi Staton – 1976).

Every decade needs a sing a long, and if you aren’t singing along to Sweet Home Alabama (Lynard Skynard – 1973) you must have fallen asleep during the speeches… because this is a banger!

And when it all starts getting to the end of the night, there’s not many left standing but who says the fun has to end here? You guessed it, Don't Stop Me Now (QUEEN – 1978) is a great one to end the night on. The electrifying really will have you travelling at the speed of light across that dance floor! 😉

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