We all know that music surrounds your wedding day. Whether it be down the aisle or on the dance floor, music is the memory you can take away with you, once the celebrations are over, and listen to for years to come.

But how do you decide what songs to select for your wedding day? Do you go with something sentimental which you grew up with? Is there a special song which reminds you and your partner of when you first met? Perhaps you’ve chosen a theme? Or maybe, just maybe, there might so much choice that you need some inspiration… that’s where we come in!

We’re going to take you on a whistle-stop tour of each decade, starting at the 50s, with a selection of songs to get the noggin’ noddin’ to what might make it onto your wedding party playlist 🎉.

Music of the 1950s

It’s safe to say Rock ‘n’ Roll took centre stage during the 50s. From ‘Rock Around The Clock’ to Elvis finding his ‘Blue Suede Shoes' - the 50s is where Rock ‘n’ Roll really made its presence known. The great thing about music from an era is that it has the power to transport you there. You might not know the artist or quite remember the name of the song… but when that beat kicks in your brain immediately recognises it and the 50s is a sure contender get those toes tapping!

Music Through the Evening

If you’ve got a mix of ages at your wedding and you want to get everyone on the dance floor then you can’t go wrong with ‘Rock Around the Clock’ (Bill Haley & His Comets – 1954). All ages come alive when this infectious beat starts playing.

Once the party is popping, ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ (Elvis – 1956) will no doubt provide endless entertainment as half the dance floor attempts their best Elvis impression. You could even throw in another big crowd pleaser, ‘Great Balls of Fire’ (Jerry Lee Lewis – 1957), just for good measure!

That being said, we know it can’t all be high energy songs. Sometimes you need to slow down the tempo, and Earth Angel (The Penguins – 1954) is perfect for those more romantic moments on the dance floor.

The First Dance

Probably the biggest and most highly anticipated song of the night but, luckily for you, this era gives you an abundance of romantic, slower-tempo love songs for you to choose from.

So, after exploring all that the fabulous 50s has to offer, we’ll leave you with our three of our favourites:

‘Unforgettable’ (Nat King Cole - 1952) - A classic of classics, the room will be yours when this starts playing. This song exudes elegance with beautifully fitting lyrics for any couple embarking on new adventures together.

I only have eyes for you (The Flamingos – 1959) - A song to transport the two of you dreamily into your first dance as though there is no one else in the room.

Only you (The Platters - 1955) - Unquestionably, some of the greatest lyrics to describe just how much the person in your arms at that moment means to you.

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