Music Through the Ages: 1960s!

In the 60s, Rock and Roll found a different voice, spawning a raft of new sub genres and giving rise to the likes of the Rolling stones.

Pop, as ever, moved with the times, cosying up to Rock and bringing out behemoths such as The Beatles, or going upbeat with unknowns to produce one hit wonders such as the Archie’s “Sugar Sugar.” R&B just kept on doing what it did best; being led by the likes of James Brown. 

The 60s is a great time for music and produced some amazing songs for wedding setlists. Songs that even the young’uns will recognise as soon as the band starts playing, even if they don’t know the name of the song!

It might confuse the kids when they think Shrek’s on a TV somewhere! You’ve probably got people who want to dance, and people who want to sing so give them a song that they can do both, with I'm a Believer (The Monkees - 1967)

I Got You ‘I Feel Good’ (James Brown - 1964) Great couples’ song to dance to, especially when one of them likes to sing at the other well (or badly) - it matters not!

Before Beyoncé there was Patti Drew, and before Crazy In Love the ladies strutted up to the dance floor to be Hard to Handle (Patti Drew – 1969). Then Just in case their partners didn’t get the message from Patti on who’s in charge of the dance floor, let the ladies put them firmly in place with Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles - 1961).

You can get the dance floor absolutely bouncing, but it’s probably best not to tell them the name of the song as most people will go what? Instead just start singing about the mashed potato then go naaaa nana na nana naaaa nana naaaa and watch their eyes up in realisation as Land of a Thousand Dances (Wilson Pickett - 1966) starts playing.

For those stubbornly sticking to their chairs at the sidelines, who maybe claim they don’t know how to dance, it’s a pretty sure thing they can figure out what to do during a bit of Twist and Shout (The Beatles - 1963).

There are many modern songs that will get the crowd’s arms around their shoulders, singing their hearts out. But it’s not restricted to the now, Tom Jones was doing it way back when getting people to belt out Delilah (Tom Jones - 1968).

Then finally (for this list at least) Hey Jude (The Beatles – 1968) because well, if you’re not listening to the Beatles, have you really done the 60s? An end of the nighter when it’s way past lights out, but people need just one more sing along together.

Don’t neglect music from the 60s when planning your wedding entertainment!


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