Our Top 10 Tips on Booking Your Wedding Entertainment!

So amongst 101 other things on your wedding to-do list, it’s time to think about your entertainment. We totally get that there’s a tonne to consider when it comes to getting this just right. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. With over 12 years of experience in the wedding entertainment industry, we’ve collated our top 10 tips for you on booking the perfect wedding band.

1) Book Early

Trust us when we say, there’s nothing worse than scouring high and low to find that perfect band and then missing out due to them already being booked by somebody else. How dare they steal your perfect wedding band, right?! Don’t let it happen! Our advice? Get it booked at least a year ahead of your big day to avoid disappointment.

2) Space Considerations

Just like you can’t fit a round peg into a square hole, there’s no point in booking a 9-piece band if you’ve only got a small stage / dancefloor to work with. Similarly, if you’ve been blessed with a room so big that it wouldn’t look out of place in Buckingham Palace, don’t just go for a one-man DJ service! Keep envisioning the space you have to work with and if you’re struggling, it’s a great excuse to go and visit to your venue just one more time… (tut, if we must!)

3) Venue Restrictions

Alongside space considerations it’s also worth bearing in mind that each venue may have its own restrictions such as sound limiters. These pesky little limiters can affect the size/type of band that’s available to you so always give your venue a call to run over any restrictions before booking your band.

4) Timings

“Look at that! Everything’s right on schedule” – said nobody at any wedding ever! Yep. There’s no escaping the fact that weddings are notorious for never running on time. Our advice is to have a chat with your venue when working out your schedule for your entertainment. Having some light entertainment during the drinks reception is usually a popular one as it keeps guests happy (whilst giving you plenty of time to perfect your post reception photoshoot!)

5) Be Good to the Band

And they’ll be good to you! We totally get that you’ve got a million other things on your mind, but it’s important to look after the band if you want to get the best out of them. Trust us when we say travelling long distances, lugging heavy equipment about and sound-checking is tiring stuff. Our advice? Feed them a hot meal - they’ll love you forever. And more importantly, they’ll be re-energised and ready to bring the house down.

6) What’s Your Theme?

Whether you want to go for a killer jazz band with a brass section for a 1920s Gatsby theme, a string quartet for those soft vintage vibes, or a super-fresh and modern pop band for a contemporary feel, it’s always important to consider your theme when choosing your wedding band.

7) Do Your Research

Sounds obvious but we understand how overwhelming it can be scrolling through the copious amounts of entertainment options for your big day! Our advice? Take your time. Even if it’s just a sitting down for a Sunday evening scroll with a cuppa, doing your research is really important to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Take note of the band’s proposed set lists and never be scared to request if they can do anything outside of their repertoire. We get that your favourite song might not be in there but chances are these highly experienced musicians who will be able to cater to your requirements. In our experience; if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

8) Book through a credible agency

The internet is a weird and wonderful thing – make sure you’re booking through a reputable agency! Does their website look and feel legitimate? How much experience do they have in live entertainment? Have you spoken to a team member on the phone? If possible, always arrange a face to face meeting to get a real feel for what the agency are like and what they can provide for you. This way you can openly ask any questions or queries you may have along the way.

9) Trust the Band

We understand you’ll have a clear idea of exactly how you want the sets to go but trust the band and your selected entertainment agency. Remember; you’re in good hands! Chances are, both the band and/or the agency you’ve go for have done this a thousand times over and can give you some great tips on which songs to go for to really get your party guests on their feet!

10) Enjoy Yourself!

Probably goes without saying but our last point is to simply just. Have. Fun! Every tiny detail has been leading up to this special day and once it comes along you’ve got to sit back, relax and allow yourself to be entertained! That’s what your band are the for. So stop worrying, get your dancing shoes on and throw your best shapes to the biggest bangers with all of your friends and family. This is your time to make memories that you can look back on fondly for a long, long time to come. Be in the moment and just ENJOY IT 🙂.

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